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Paint your wagon, polish up your rusty pickaxe

and come along.   The gold rush is on!


Gold Rush graphic 8.31.2018


We're sure as shootin' you'll want to be at this shindig!

There's gonna be food, fun, entertainment, and more.


Tickets are just $50 per person, and include a lip-smackin' dinner.


Get your tickets now!


Stake your claim on a sponsorship and get the mother lode of attention for your business.



CONGRATULATIONS to 2018 Volunteers of the Year.


Janet, Ben and David will be honored at our 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting on September 12. Want to be there to give them a pat on the back? Register online


Volunteers of the Year 2018 Janet Ben David


Look who's the newest Big Deal Logo 2 


Mike & Kari DeMarco and Marco & Dodi Serrano and their team surprised Sue Anderson, owner of Sunshine Depot, with the #BigDealBusiness award! The Chow team knows that the Depot has a long history of supporting the community and local sports teams, as well as being a great casual restaurant that's a 'go-to' choice for their customers of all ages. Congratulations!


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