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Legislative Priorities

Public Policy Platform 2018

2018 Federation Priorities in partnership with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

The 2017 legislature passed the largest transportation funding bill in nearly a decade. Nearly $2 billion of transportation related sales taxes will be captured and directed to the state’s transportation system over the next 10 years.  This includes 100% of the revenues generated from the sales tax on rental cars and approximately 60% of revenues generated from the sales tax on auto parts. The Minnesota Chamber has been a strong advocate for the investment of these transportation related General Fund resources in transportation infrastructure and services. We support full dedication of the auto parts sales tax to transportation.

If necessary to address concerns about predictability of General Fund investments in transportation, the state should consider asking Minnesota voters to constitutionally dedicate these revenues to transportation purposes to be used for long-term infrastructure projects.

Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce also supports the following positions on an on-going basis

  • Repeal automatic inflation index & add a tipped employee tier to the Minnesota minimum wage law.
  • Allow business owners, employers and employees to deduct the cost of insurance on a pre-tax basis regardless of the status of an employer’s group plan.  This would allow employers to reimburse employees for the cost of insurance, rather than stand the cost of a group plan which may not fit their needs.
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