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Public Policy Position

Public Policy Platform 2020

2020 Federation Priorities in partnership with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Local chambers represent economic vitality in their communities. The Minnesota Chamber Federation unites and amplifies the voice of local chambers by advocating for policies to advance business in every corner of the state. We have worked to promote pro-growth policies to the Legislature for a more than a decade, helping ensure that state lawmakers understand the needs and interests of Minnesota’s diverse and successful local business community.

We are committed to providing the best workplaces for employees. This includes sharing employers’ best practices so all businesses are aware of effective approaches to maintaining progressive workplaces to retain and compete for the best employees. Employers adhere to strict labor laws and workplace standards at the state and federal level to maintain safe, healthy, respectful and inclusive workplaces. They must have flexibility to make staffing decisions and provide appropriate wages, benefits and schedules for their workplace and industry.

  • We oppose “one size fits all” state mandates that limit employers’ ability to design competitive benefit packages for their employees.

Minnesota has 853 cities and 87 counties. When local-level government bodies pass workplace mandates, it creates an administrative nightmare for employers and could cause unintentional errors subjecting businesses to legal action.

  • We support state legislation that explicitly prohibits local government labor mandates.

As new laws and regulations are imposed on Minnesota’s employers, enacting technical changes can create onerous compliance concerns.

  • We will pursue modifications to the 2019 wage theft law that has far-reaching, overly complicated requirements for employers.

Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce also supports the following positions on an on-going basis

  • Repeal automatic inflation index & add a tipped employee tier to the Minnesota minimum wage law.
  • Allow business owners, employers and employees to deduct the cost of insurance on a pre-tax basis regardless of the status of an employer’s group plan.  This would allow employers to reimburse employees for the cost of insurance, rather than stand the cost of a group plan which may not fit their needs.
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