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Elk River City Council Race

2020 Candidate Forum (Virtual)

The Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce hosted candidate forums for local political races.

Elk River City Council Forum
Tuesday, October 13th at 6:00 PM
Elk River City Hall

All forums are available until November 3rd to assist you when you are ready to vote. More information about the candidates can be found below.

Watch the forum on You Tube

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Meet the Candidates

The Elk River Area Chamber does not assume any party affiliation, nor do we endorse any candidate. We are hosting this forum to provide information about the candidates to the general public. Candidates without a bio and/or box by their name did not submit this information. All responses appear on this site exactly as they were submitted by the candidates, with no edits made.


Mary McDevitt Kraljic, Ward 2

Matt Westgaard

Matthew T. Westgaard, Ward 2

Born and raised in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Matt and his wife moved to the Elk River Community more than 25 years ago to raise their Family.  Matt is a passionate individual with a love for Family, Community and a strong ethical commitment to making a positive difference.   A Graduate of the University of Minnesota that lead into a professional career in the construction industry with more than 20 years in senior leadership roles leading strategic growth and optimization of growing companies.

Email Contact

Phone: 612.889.6794

Why are you running for office? 

I am passionate about the city of Elk River and have a strong desire to be involved as well as give back to the community.    Our community is facing some big changes in the coming years and I feel it is critical to have a strong leadership team in place to assure a successful implementation.

What previous civic and community involvement will you will draw on if you win the seat you are seeking.

I have served on the Elk River City Council for 12 years (2008-2020), the Elk River Planning Commission for 4 years (2004-2008), Economic Development Authority for 8 years (2012-2020), Elk River Municipal Utilities Commission for 3 years (2017-2020).

If elected, what is your top priority during your term in office? 

First and foremost be a resource and advocate for the citizens of Elk River that elected me their representative.  Secondly, bring a respectful common sense approach to our local government process and policies.  Followed with a balanced intentional growth of residential, commercial and recreational opportunities that keep it affordable for our tax payers.

Mike Beyer Elk River City Council Candidate

Michael A. Beyer, Ward 3

14-year resident of Elk River, a Leader with over 25 years of military (Navy Veteran) and professional management experience. Current GM of a business with 92 employees in 4 states. Past Commander of the Elk River American Legion and have volunteered multiple hours to the American Legion, VFW, CAER, and Citizen Lead Fireworks committee thru the years



Why are you running for office?

In my opinion the City Council is not necessarily a political position, it’s Leadership! Our council is made up of residents listening to the people of the City, reviewing data, setting goals, communicating, and making decisions everyone believes are good for Elk River and its future. This is exactly how I manage my office. I use these skills every day to make decisions in my business and personal life. But most of all, being a Councilman would give me the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much. I love Elk River!

What previous civic and community involvement will you draw on if you win the seat you are seeking?

I have served as Commander, and as an active member of the Elk River American Legion representing our Post at the County, District and State level. With my multiple hours of volunteer work with the American Legion, VFW, CAER, and Citizen Lead Fireworks committee thru the years. I believe this is a natural progression to step forward and help Lead our community as part of the City Council.

If elected, what is your top priority during your term in office?

Improve our communications with the County, and the School Board to ensure we are all working to the same common goal of serving our community, staying on budget, and controlling taxes. We need to continue bringing value to our community, so our local businesses can prosper, we can recruit companies and people to our city. We need to get out and tell our story!

Josh Hassing

Josh Hassing, Ward 3

I live in Ward 3 with my fiancé and our two boys. I have a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, which I earned in 2013. Through my years of education and my professional experience, I have learned a variety of valuable skills that allow me to work with people of all different backgrounds and beliefs. I believe this background would make me an excellent representative for Ward 3 and Elk River as a whole.

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Why are you running for office?

I am no stranger to city councils, and I believe I have seen the best and worst of them. I have seen city councils who actively listen to the community, and I have seen those who seem to actively ignore it. I am running for office because I want to do my part to ensure that Elk River’s city council remains engaged with the community that it represents, and that it also remains transparent in its decisions regarding the city.

What previous civic and community involvement is will you draw on if you win the seat you are seeking?

In my current professional position, part of my job is working with local, state and federal government bodies. Due to this, I have met with different city councils in the past, and have become familiar with understanding city ordinances and how they affect citizens and small businesses. Also, most recently, I have been working closely with fellow citizens of Elk River regarding the safety concerns of traffic in their neighborhood, and I look forward to seeing these efforts pay off for the residents of that neighborhood.

If elected, what is your top priority during your term in office?

My top priority is improving communication between the city and the county. The CSAH 12 project regarding Highway 169 is a perfect example of where communication falls short. During planning for this project, Sherburne County left the City of Elk River with a $1.2 million bill that they were not expecting, and had not budgeted for. Also, current members of the city council have also admitted that they were not even aware that the project had been accelerated. A lack of communication such as this can cost the citizens of Elk River far too much money, and this needs to be corrected.

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