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The roots of faith grow deep in the Elk River area and opportunities for anyone interested in a rich spiritual life are abundant. Whether you are looking for a place to worship, prayer groups, recovery services, or youth and parenting support are just some of what you’ll find to enrich your life.


This list will help to get you started.


Places of Worship

Abiding Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church (Wisconsin Synod) - Rev. Tim Bode

12943 193rd Avenue Elk River MN 763-241-9444

Apostolic Revival Church - Rev. Larry Malarz

Burns Town Hall Nowthen MN 763-422-0150

Bible Baptist Church - Rev. Doug Roman

15670 90th Street NE Otsego MN 763-486-8363

Burns Evangelical Free Church - Rev. John Yoder

6437 Norris Lake Road Burns Township 763-753-1718

Central Lutheran Church - Rev. Paul Johansson

1103 School Street Elk River MN 763-441-2363

Christ Church - Rev. Gregory Pagh

15849 NE 90th Street Elk River MN 763-441-5097

Church of Hope MN - Lead Pastor Mike Brueckner

Meeting at Spectrum High School 763 300-2102

Cornerstone Baptist Church - Rev. Gordon Langdon

15300 County Road 35 Elk River MN 763-263-7878

The Crossing - Pastor Eric Dykstra

829 School Street Elk River MN 763-633-9706

Elk River Baptist Church - Rev. Jason Sorley
1800 8th Street Elk River MN 763-441-2080

Elk River Lutheran Church - Rev. Nathan Mugaas
19437 Evans Street NW Elk River MN 763-633-1181

Elk River United Methodist Church - Rev. David Doppenberg

1304 Main Street Elk River MN 763-441-2750

Emmanuel Lutheran Church LCMS - Rev. Terry Grzybowski

1506 Main Street Elk River MN 763-441-2555

Gateway Church- Rev. Joel Nelson

13913 185th Avenue NW Elk River MN 763-441-3368

Glory of Christ Fellowship - Rev. Charles Handren
Meeting at Handke Family Center, 1170 Main Street
Office:707 Highway 10 Suite 300, Elk River MN 763-633-9222

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church  - 
Rev. Rob Cavanna
1326 4th Street Elk River MN 763-441-5482

Living Waters Church - Rev. Dave Weigel

21246 Meadowvale Road Elk River MN 763-241-9682

Lord of Glory Lutheran Church LCMS - Rev. Marty Mably
19255 County Road 15 Elk River MN 763-263-3090

Nowthen Alliance Church - Rev. Craig Strawser
19653 Nowthen Blvd. Nowthen MN 763-441-1600

Real Life Community Church - Rev. Jon Stoe

Meeting at Marcus Theater 570 Freeport Avenue Elk River 763-370-3270

River of Life Evangelical Free - Rev. Dave Johnson

21695 Elk Lake Road Elk River MN 763-441-7527

The Church of St. Andrew (Catholic) - Fr. Mark Innocenti

566 4th Street Elk River MN 763-441-1483

St. John Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) - Rev. Eric Voight

9231 Viking Blvd. Elk River MN 763-441-3646

Solid Rock Church - Dr. Bill Matthews

11800 196th Avenue NW Elk River MN 763-441-2816

Twin Lakes Christian Assemblies of God - Rev. Percy Kallevig

18912 Twin Lakes Road NW Elk River MN 763-241-1111

Union Congregational United Church of Christ - Rev. Robin Raudabaugh

1118 4th Street Elk River MN 763-441-1203

The WHY Church - Pastor Bjorn Dixon
13337 Business Center Drive NW Elk River MN 763-230-2814 

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