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In the Leadership Elk River program, emerging and seasoned leaders alike will find something of great use—and often surprising value.  This class combines leadership skill building with education about the community.  In fact, the program is so good, we’re quite sure you’ll learn many things you didn’t know before. 


Class meets one day per month for nine months and in it you will: 


  • Increase your knowledge of the Elk River area.
  • Expand your leadership skills by learning a new way to understand yourself and those around you. 
  • Gain an understanding of community needs and goals.
  • Improve your communication with area leaders.
  • Prepare and challenge yourself to increase your level of community involvement.


What People Are Saying

"It’s a must! I have learned so much about Elk River in these few months and I grew up here!" ~ Shelly Maloney, Sherburne County

"I have spoken so much about Leadership to others. I hope some of them will do it also.  It was so worth the time and such a wonderful experience!" ~ Kim Williams, Coldwell Banker Vision

“Leadership Elk River is great for people who are new to the community as well as people who have been a part of this community for a long time.  The relationships you build during the class provide connections to many different areas of the community.  The various presenters provide you with insight as to what makes Elk River such a great community.  Your classmates end up being a resource that you can carry throughout your career.  Attending Leadership Elk River was truly a great experience.” ~ Corey Wemple, The Bank of Elk River

"Leadership Elk River provides the opportunity to meet key decision makers at some of Elk River’s most key businesses while learning about the great hidden treasures this area is home to, is priceless.   Whether you have been here a few years or have lived here all your lives you will learn something new and amazing about why Elk River is unique.  You can learn how to get more out of Elk River and how we can contribute more with opportunities to be local leaders."  ~ Ben Bauman, North Central Insurance Agency

"Whether you have lived/worked in this community for years or are new – Leadership Elk River will revitalize your appreciation of the history of Elk River and a taste of the interrelationships between businesses, government, charitable organizations, schools and all the  people who live and/or work in this great community.  Great leaders come in many different forms and this program provides opportunities for all participants to enhance their leadership skills and use these skills to make an impact in the community.  Leadership Elk River provides opportunities for both professional and personal growth - this is a great program provided by the Chamber!" ~ Michelle Anderson, Central Bank

“Understanding Elk River’s growing community and our commitment to its continued success is what you will gain from enrolling in the next learning opportunity of Leadership Elk River. After experiencing the course for yourself, I believe you will appreciate at a higher level all Elk River has to offer you and your company.”  ~ Dan Dixon, Guardian Angels of Elk River 

"As a new business leader in the community, the Elk River leadership class offered by the Elk River chamber was absolutely phenomenal!  Every class was so incredibly helpful in getting me acclimated to the community/area. The networking and relationships I have formed throughout the community are amazing!  I look forward to working with and seeing those individuals on an everyday basis! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the class, I am looking forward to facilitating a few of the classes this year!" ~ Mike Paulsrud, Coborn's


Find Out More

To find out more about topics covered, who is eligible, graduation requirements, cost, or for any other questions, download the application or contact Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce at (763) 441-3110.

Leadership Elk River classrooms are not necessarily traditional!

Congratulations to the 2013 graduates of Leadership Elk River!


A Leadership Elk River class visited the Capitol in St. Paul on "State Government" day for a behind the scenes tour and visit with Rep. Tom Hackbarth (left)


Class Dates

SEPTEMBER 11, 2015  It’s All About You

OCTOBER 9, 2015   History & Heritage

NOVEMBER 13, 2015  Volunteerism / Non-Profits 

 DECEMBER 11, 2015  Law & Justice

JANUARY 8, 2016  Education

FEBRUARY 12, 2016 Government 

MARCH 11, 2016  Day of Business

APRIL 8, 2016  Health & Recreation

MAY 13, 2016 Leadership In Action & Graduation

 All dates are subject to change

Note: Deadline

Complete the application and send with payment by August 15.  Class begins in September. If your application is not accepted, your original payment will be returned.


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